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Barh-Barh and Cubic Cat Courier

A Bundle of Shibe:

Bahr-Bahr the sheeb, and his wounded traveling partner - cubic cat, travel the lands delivering items to needy heroes on the battlefield. The cubic cats are a noble race ready to sacrifice themselves at a moment’s notice in aid of Bahr and the heroes, giving Bahr the ability to take to the skies for a speedier delivery service.

A Dota2 Courier bundle created by Chris Bennett (Modeling, Texturing, Rigging and Animation) and Carlyn Lim (Concept, Illustrations and HUD).

Steam workshop:

Chris bennett loadout screens

Bahr-Bahr and Cubic Cat Courier

Chris bennett barbar ingame
Chris bennett chrisbennett bahrbahr keyshot
Chris bennett chrisbennett courier texture
Chris bennett chrisbennett courier rig
Chris bennett chrisbennett courier animation