Cute Gecko Mount Skin

I was tasked with concepting and creating a cute looking gecko that would fit on the Kangaroo Rig/Mount for Guild Wars 2.

Mounts in GW2 use a special material dye channel system to provide color for their textures. This requires a unique approach to texturing these assets for game. The end results relies on color/shader overlays in the game engine to add color. This asset was built on an existing rig and animation set. The leaves are dynamic in game.

Chris bennett chrisbennett geckosculptfront

Gecko Sculpt

Chris bennett chrisbennett geckosculptside

Gecko Sculpt

Chris bennett chrisbennett geckosubstance

This is what the final texture looks like in Substance Painter setup to work with the special dye channel shaders. There is a mask texture that determines different zones that a particular dye will effect. Non-dyeable areas are textured normally.

Chris bennett chrisbennett geckoingame

This is the end result in game. Players have the ability to color 4 regions with different dye colors in game.